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Operating Under COVID-19

Tourism and leisure doesn’t have to be the last industry to open. Be proactive and reopen sooner with controls and precautions that will keep your visitors and staff safe and satisfy your local health authorities.

WishTrip is a SMART Tourism platform for outdoor destinations that provides the tools to operate safely and profitably with COVID-19.

With WishTrip you can: 

  • Monitor the number and location of visitors in your destination and ensure visitor dispersion using live maps
  • Allow visitors to see the location of other patrons nearby and modify their behavior accordingly
  • Communicate with your visitors in real-time to encourage them to spread out or remind them of appropriate COVID-19 behavior
  • Direct visitors to handwashing stations.
  • Minimize unnecessary direct contact between staff and visitors
  • Maximize the revenue from each visitor



Read the Post-COVID-19 Guide

Get more in-depth information about how to safely reopen with health guidelines in place. 

Industry Report: The impact of the pandemic on the attitudes of travelers and attraction visitors

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