Enjoy a fun-filled stroll through the park with challenges along the way


Papago Park Games - Ad 4 - Pre and Post-Launch


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Fun For Everyone!

Games for kids aged 3-7, kids aged 6-12, teens and adults
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Stay Safe!

It's easy to play in a socially-distant and COVID-safe way
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Get Moving!

Each game challenge is at a different Papago landmark
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Get An Album!

Save the photos, videos, and route you took as a shareable digital album

How To Play:

  1. Download WISHTRIP on your phone
  2. Open the app at Papago Park
  3. Select the “Play Game” icon 
  4. Select your game
  5. And start having fun!

image (3)-2Desert Explorers, Ages 3-7 (1 mile)

A multisensory adventure exploring the unique natural wonders of the Sonoran Desert


image (4)-2Leadership Challenge, Ages 6-12 (1.2 miles)

Explore Papago and find out what traits you share with  important leaders in US & Arizona history


image (6)-2Odd One Out, Adults (1.5 miles)

How well do you know Arizona history? Identify which one doesn’t belong in this photo trivia game


image (5)-3The Double Butte Loop Game, Ages 14+ (2 miles)

Challenge your mind while you hike

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Playing Safely

Stay on marked trails while playing the games. Always follow on the ground signs over navigation directions in the game. (The GPS will redirect you if you get off course.) Only play the games during daylight hours. Bring plenty of water with you.

Where to Park

For Desert Explorers, Leadership Challenge and Odd One Out, park in the parking lot between the ponds. If that lot is full, there are many other small parking lots nearby. 

For the Double Butte Loop Game, park in the West Buttes Parking Lot

About WishTrip

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